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Southern white admiral – LEPIDOPTERA LIBANOTICA

Southern white admiral

Limenitis reducta

A large butterfly with a wingspan of 46-54 mm, of a brownish-black and white colour with a metallic blue sheen, and orange-red on the undersides. There are several subspecies in Lebanon. This butterfly lives in coastal valleys, maquis, garrigue, woodland, forest edges, glades, meadows, and dry stony places, but especially on streamsides and near springs. Host plants are represented by members of the honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae), such as the Etruscan honeysuckle (Lonicera etrusca) and nummular-leaved honeysuckle (L. nummulariifolia). It flies May through October, the flight is direct and strong.



Attribution: Sharp Photography (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Gilles San Martin (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Didij39 (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Zeynel Cebeci (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Tony Hisgett (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Sharp Photography (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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