Butterfly Garden & Pavilion (BG & P)


Come and visit Lebanon’s number one butterfly garden. Our butterfly garden is located on a spacious 2,000 square metre  hilltop in the Bekaa valley, in partnership with the West Bekaa Country Club. The butterfly garden will incorporate hundreds of native plants and a design that will preserve and accomodate much of the original habitat and plant communities, along with a greenhouse and 350 m of trails. Butterflies are indicators of the health of our environment. They are also pollinators and beneficial animals. All they need is sun, nectar, water, and adequate shelter. Come walk the trails and discover Lebanon’s butterflies. Watch them bask, mudpuddle, hilltop, and flutter around as emerging butterfly watchers. Look at them feeding on fruits and wildflowers and dancing in the sky. Learn about butterfly plants and the fun of butterfly gardening. Tour the botanical pavilion and enjoy our wildflowers and organic products. Help conserve butterflies with every visit! The Butterfly Garden & Pavilion will be launched in the spring of 2019 and be made open to the public. So come and bring your kids and friends along!



Butterfly Gardening Calendar 2018-2019 (click here)


Flowering and Sowing Times of Butterfly Plants 2018-2019 (click here)


Butterfly Plant Nursery Seed & Wildflower Catalogue (click here)


Butterfly Gift Shop Product Catalogue (click here)


9-5 every day
February 20-November 1 of every year, the “butterfly season” when butterflies are active in good weather
Closed in the wintertime, when butterflies are hibernating and hiding from the cold
Landscaping, greenhouse work (sowing, planting, propagating, etc.), and maintenance all year round
Environmental training and recommendations available all year round



5,000 LL per individual
10,000 LL per family
3,000 LL per child or student
Persons with disabilities are accepted FREE of charge
Special school discounts
Tourist discounts and packages


BG & P Features:

Butterfly Garden
Greenhouse & Botanical Garden
Butterfly Plant Nursery
Basking Stations
Puddling Stations
Nectaring Stations
Environmental Interpretive Signs
Butterfly Gift Shop


BG & P Activities:

Outdoor educational courses
Training modules and workshops
Summer camps
Butterfly watching
Butterfly day camps
Butterfly plants spring ceremony
Almond festival & harvest


BG & P Training Courses In:

Responsible & organic farming
Rainwater harvesting
Medicinal plants & ethnobotany
Seed harvesting
Butterfly monitoring


Additional Activities:

Visiting archaeological sites
Birdwatching (migratory flyway)
Animal watching (otters, etc.)
Mountain skiing
Wall climbing
Nature photography
Fruit picking & harvesting
Carpets & weaving
Music festivals
Meeting local shepherds & bedouins
Dining at ethnic restaurants



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Questions? Schedule a visit? Or need training? Email me Husein, the Lebanese Butterfly Gardener and BG & P Manager, click here

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