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Butterflies of Lebanon – LEPIDOPTERA LIBANOTICA

Butterflies of Lebanon

Attribution: Anton Croos (Wikipedia Creative Commons)


Lebanon has a diverse butterfly fauna, a result of its geological history and unique location between Africa, Asia, and Europe. There are at least 165 species of butterflies, a number a lot higher than that of nearly every other country in the Middle East and North Africa, and many countries in Europe. Forty-five of these species are endemics and near-endemics, and 20 are considered threatened or near threatened. Many are isolated alpine species living at high altitudes and on mountains, a result of Lebanon’s long history of glacial refugia. And an even larger number are eremics, found in drier parts of the country, which is increasing due to global warming and desertification. Lebanon, with its location on the Mediterranean, is also a source, transit stop, and destination of butterfly migration.

Please click on each butterfly species to read its individual description and view the images and videos. Photograph credits and licenses are clickable on each page. These field tools will help you identify butterflies in the wild. You want to know more? Please buy the books and visit the butterfly garden.





COMMON SWALLOWTAIL Papilio machaon syriacus


TIGER SWALLOWTAIL Papilio alexanor maccabaeus


PEAR-TREE SWALLOWTAIL Iphiclides podalirius virgatus


EASTERN FESTOON Allancastria cerisyi speciosa


LEBANESE FESTOON Allancastria deyrollei eisneri


FALSE APOLLO Archon apollinus bellargus


LITTLE FALSE APOLLO Archon apollinaris


CLOUDED APOLLO Parnassius mnemosyne




AFRICAN MIGRANT Catopsilia florella florella


BRIMSTONE Gonepteryx rhamni


POWDERED BRIMSTONE Gonepteryx farinosa farinosa


CLEOPATRA Gonepteryx cleopatra taurica


BROAD-BORDERED GRASS YELLOW Eurema brigitta brigitta


CAPER WHITE Belenois aurota aurota


SALMON CAPER Colotis fausta fausta


BLACK-VEINED WHITE Aporia crataegi augustior


WOOD WHITE Leptidea sinapis


EASTERN WOOD WHITE Leptidea duponcheli xanthochroa


ORANGE-TIP Anthocharis cardamines phoenissa


EASTERN ORANGE-TIP Anthocharis damone syra


GREENISH BLACK-TIP Euchloe charlonia charlonia




DAPPLED WHITE Euchloe ausonia


GREEN-STRIPED WHITE Euchloe belemia belemia


BATH WHITE Pontia daplidice


PEAK WHITE Pontia callidice chrysidice


LARGE WHITE Pieris brassicae catoleuca


SMALL WHITE Pieris rapae leucosoma


GREEN-VEINED WHITE Pieris napi dubiosa


MOUNTAIN SMALL WHITE Pieris ergane detersa


FALSE SMALL WHITE Pieris pseudorapae pseudorapae


CLOUDED YELLOW Colias croceus croceus




LEBANON CLOUDED YELLOW Colias aurorina libanotica




BLUE-SPOT HAIRSTREAK Satyrium spini melantho


ILEX HAIRSTREAK Satyrium ilicis bischoffi


LEBANESE HAIRSTREAK Satyrium myrtale myrtale


ORANGE-BANDED HAIRSTREAK Satyrium ledereri nazeri


GERHARD’S BLACK HAIRSTREAK Satyrium abdominalis persica


GUICHARD’S HAIRSTREAK Satyrium guichardi


GREEN HAIRSTREAK Callophrys rubi


PURPLE HAIRSTREAK Neozephyrus quercus quercus




LONG-TAILED BLUE Lampides boeticus boeticus


LANG’S SHORT-TAILED BLUE Leptotes pirithous pirithous


LITTLE TIGER BLUE Tarucus balkanicus balkanicus


MEDITERRANEAN TIGER BLUE Tarucus rosaceus rosaceus


SMALL MAUVE BLUE Zizeeria karsandra karsandra


DARK GRASS BLUE Zizeeria knysna


AFRICAN BABUL BLUE Azanus jesous gamra


DESERT BABUL BLUE Azanus ubaldus


HOLLY BLUE Celastrina argiolus paraleuca


GREEN-UNDERSIDE BLUE Glaucopsyche alexis aeruginosa


IOLAS BLUE Iolana iolas


CHEQUERED BLUE Pseudophilotes vicrama astabene


ODD-SPOT BLUE Turanana endymion endymion


NORTHERN BLUE Plebejus idas selda


BALDUR BLUE Plebejus baldur


SILVER-STUDDED BLUE Plebejus argus bellus


NICHOLL’S ZEPHYR BLUE Plebejus nichollae nichollae


LARGE JEWEL BLUE Plebejidea loewii 


ZEPHYR BLUE Kretania sephirus


EASTERN BROWN ARGUS Kretania eurypilus euaemon


GERANIUM ARGUS Eumedonia eumedon mylitta


BROWN ARGUS Aricia agestis


STEELY ARGUS Aricia crassipuncta


LEBANESE BLUE Aricia bassoni bassoni


STARRY-BACKED BLUE Aricia dorsumstellae


TAURUS BLUE Aricia isaurica


COMMON BLUE Polyommatus icarus


JUNO BLUE Polyommatus juno juno


AMANDA’S BLUE Polyommatus amandus brenda


ANTHEA BLUE Polyommatus anthea


CHAPMAN’S BLUE Polyommatus thersites gravesi


LARSEN’S BLUE Polyommatus larseni larseni


LEBANESE ADONIS BLUE Polyommatus syriacus syriacus


CEDAR MOUNTAIN BLUE Polyommatus ellisoni ellisoni


BABY BLUE Polyommatus isauricoides isauricoides


POSEIDON BLUE Polyommatus poseidon mesopotamica


DEEB’S BLUE Polyommatus deebi deebi


CORONA BLUE Polyommatus corona


ZERNY’S ANOMALOUS BLUE Polyommatus alcestis alcestis


MELEAGER’S BLUE Polyommatus daphnis 


MAZARINE BLUE Cyaniris semiargus semiargus


EASTERN MAZARINE BLUE Cyaniris bellis antiochena


SMALL DESERT BLUE Luthrodes galba galba


GRASS JEWEL Freyeria trochylus trochylus


LEOPARD Cigaritis acamas acamas


LESSER LEOPARD Cigaritis cilissa


TURKISH VERNAL COPPER Tomares nogelii aurantiaca


SYRIAN VERNAL COPPER Tomares nesimachus nesimachus


SOOTY COPPER Lycaena tityrus


SMALL COPPER Lycaena phlaeas timeus


GOLDEN COPPER Lycaena ochimus ochimus


FIERY COPPER Lycaena thetis zahaltensis


LESSER FIERY COPPER Lycaena thersamon omphale


KURDISTAN COPPER Lycaena kurdistanica


LESSER PURPLE-SHOT COPPER Lycaena asabinus asabinus




PLAIN TIGER Danaus chrysippus chrysippus


FALSE PLAIN TIGER Hypolimnas misippus misippus




YELLOW PANSY Junonia hierta cebrene


TWO-TAILED PASHA Charaxes jasius jasius


LARGE TORTOISESHELL Nymphalis polychloros polychloros


SMALL TORTOISESHELL Aglais urticae turcica


RED ADMIRAL Vanessa atalanta atalanta


PAINTED LADY Vanessa cardui cardui


COMMA Polygonia c-album c-album


SOUTHERN COMMA Polygonia egea egea


CARDINAL Argynnis pandora pandora


NIOBE FRITILLARY Fabriciana niobe


QUEEN OF SPAIN FRITILLARY Issoria lathonia lathonia




PUNIC FRITILLARY Melitaea punica telona


LEDERER’S FRITILLARY Melitaea collina collina




DESERT FRITILLARY Melitaea deserticola deserticola


GLANVILLE FRITILLARY Melitaea cinxia clarissa


MULLEIN FRITILLARY Melitaea trivia nana


PERSIAN FRITILLARY Melitaea persea montium




ROCK GRAYLING Hipparchia alcyone alcyone


EASTERN ROCK GRAYLING Hipparchia syriaca syriaca


FREYER’S GRAYLING Hipparchia fatua sichaea


WHITE-BORDERED BLACK Hipparchia parisatis


SINAI GRAYLING Hipparchia pisidice pisidice


GREAT STEPPE GRAYLING Chazara persephone transiens


KLUG’S TAWNY ROCK BROWN Pseudochazara pelopea pelopea


TURANIAN ROCK BROWN Pseudochazara thelephassa thelephassa


GREAT SOOTY SATYR Satyrus ferula makmal


AFRICAN RINGLET Ypthima asterope asterope


DUSKY MEADOW BROWN Hyponephele lycaon libanotica


ORIENTAL MEADOW BROWN Hyponephele lupina


EASTERN MEADOW BROWN Maniola telmessia telmessia


SMALL HEATH Coenonympha pamphilus neolyllus


WALL BROWN Lasiommata megera


LARGE WALL BROWN Lasiommata maera orientalis


LATTICE BROWN Kirinia roxelana roxelana


SPECKLED WOOD Pararge aegeria aegeria




HOLLYHOCK SKIPPER Carcharodus alceae alceae


NORTH AFRICAN SKIPPER Carcharodus stauderi ambigua


ORIENTAL SKIPPER Carcharodus orientalis maccabaeus


INKY SKIPPER Erynnis marloyi marloyi




TESSELLATED SKIPPER Muschampia tessellum cribrelloides


ANATOLIAN SKIPPER Muschampia proteides proteides


SYRIAN SKIPPER Muschampia nomas nomas


POGGE’S SKIPPER Muschampia poggei poggei


OBERTHÜR’S GRIZZLED SKIPPER Pyrgus armoricanus philonides


OLIVE SKIPPER Pyrgus serratulae alveoides




ORBIFEROUS SKIPPER Spialia orbifer hilaris


KIKI’S SKIPPER Spialia phlomidis


OSTHELDER’S SKIPPER Spialia osthelderi osthelderi


ZELLER’S SKIPPER Borbo borbonica zelleri


PIGMY SKIPPER Gegenes pumilio pumilio


PEATY SKIPPER Gegenes nostrodamus nostrodamus


SILVER-SPOTTED SKIPPER Hesperia comma pallida


SMALL SKIPPER Thymelicus sylvestris syriacus


EUROPEAN SKIPPER Thymelicus lineola melissus


LULWORTH SKIPPER Thymelicus acteon phoenix


LEVANTINE SKIPPER Thymelicus hyrax hyrax


MILLET SKIPPER Pelopidas thrax thrax


LARGE SKIPPER Ochlodes sylvanus faunus



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