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Butterfly Farms

Attribution: gailhampshire (Wikipedia Creative Commons)


With butterfly “farming,” we are not actually farming butterflies, we do not believe in caging butterflies. Rather we are growing and selling native butterfly and moth plants as an ecofriendly alternative. Butterfly Farms, a product of the BG & P and LNPS, is an SPNL project with a goal of ecorestoring Lebanese territory. Native plants maintain ecological balance and preserve ecosystems and the plants and animals connected with them. They are less likely invasive and do not effect the landscape. Resembling Hima Farms and with a similar environmental philosophy, this concept, however, merges food plants, medicinal plants, and landscape plants with the primary objective of native plant propagation, of utilisation within ecorestorative projects such as reforestation, and rangeland and wetland rehabilitation, along with butterfly gardens and green landscaping. Products such as native trees, shrubs, butterfly plants, medicinal herbs, and wildflower seed packets are sold from our green outlets.

Reforesting? Ecorestoring a river or wetland? A meadow, farmland? Want a butterfly garden, a hedge? Locally grown medicinal herbs? Email me Husein, the Lebanese Butterfly Gardener and BG & P Manager, click here

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