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Lebanon Native Plant Seedbank (LNPS) – LEPIDOPTERA LIBANOTICA

Lebanon Native Plant Seedbank (LNPS)

Attribution: Gilles San Martin (Wikipedia Creative Commons)


The Lebanon Native Plant Seedbank (LNPS) was founded in the autumn of 2018 by Husein Zorkot to supply the Butterfly Garden & Pavilion (BG & P) with all the needed butterfly plants. The LNPS encompasses seed harvests, dry and green haymaking, and a number of gardening and greenhouse activities such as sowing, planting, propagating, watering, and landscaping. In addition to butterfly plants, the LNPS provides bee plants, moth plants, aquatic plants, and other plants of particular value to wildlife gardening. Seeds are collected ecologically, with the expressed purpose of preserving wild plant populations, and stored in a seedbank inventory. The LNPS is now an integrated SPNL initiative and seed harvests are conducted in all hima locations. Additionally, the LNPS compiles a database of all the butterfly and moth plants of Lebanon. This database, the LEXICON LEPIDOPTEROPHYTA, is growing and includes material on plant properties, populations, geographic distribution, seed availability, scientific nomenclature, local names, etc., click here. Training is also available, please click on the educational resources..



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Ecologic Guidelines:

  • Ecologic Harvesting Guidelines (PowerPoint) Click here
  • Ecologic Harvesting Guidelines (PowerPoint) (Arabic) Click here
  • Ecologic Propagating Guidelines (PowerPoint) Click here
  • Ecologic Haymaking Guidelines (PowerPoint) Click here
  • Ecologic Composting Guidelines (PowerPoint) Click here
  • Ecologic Watering Guidelines (PowerPoint) Click here

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