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Butterfly Watching

Attribution: Björn S. (Wikipedia Creative Commons)


Butterfly watching is a positive recreational, environmental activity that’s endorsed by the LBMS and SPNL. Not only is butterfly watching an enjoyable hobby, but it’s also butterfly-friendly and conservation-oriented. Butterflies are not touched or harmed in the process. There’s no nets and no regrets. A butterfly poses on a wildflower, probably its host plant, and gets its photograph taken. As simple as that. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and they might be just right. Whereas a photograph of a butterfly will last ages, a butterfly in a net might not last minutes. Besides, a photograph has tremendous scientific and educational value. A photograph of a butterfly will tell alot about its habits, behaviours, where it lives, and the kinds of plants it visits. Butterfly watching encourages environmental awareness, the first step in nature conservation. Go and throw the nets away and be butterfly watchers! All you need is a good camera. Come to the BG & P and watch butterflies as much as you like, and bring your friends along.


Butterfly watching and drawing encourage butterfly conservation



                 and help save Lebanon’s butterflies!


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