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About Me

I’m a Lebanese lepidopterist and butterfly conservationist, a member of the Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa, The Lepidopterists’ Society, and Butterfly Conservation Saving Butterflies, Moths, and Our Environment, and founder of the Lebanon Butterfly Conservation Society (LBCS), the Lebanon Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (LBMS), and the Lebanon Native Plant Seedbank (LNPS). I have written A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Lebanon and the Middle EastButterfly Gardening in Lebanon, A Pictorial Guide to the Butterflies of Lebanon, Butterflies and Wildflowers of Lebanon Colouring Book, A Butterfly Beauty, A Pocket Guide to Lebanese Medicinal Plants, and A Guide to the Amphibians of Lebanon and the Middle East. I work as a field biologist, scientific researcher, and wildlife artist at the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) and I manage and direct Lebanon’s one and only Butterfly Garden & Pavilion, a sustainable wildlife garden. I also study plants, reptiles and amphibians, and freshwater aquatic ecosystems and I’m currently working on a number of nature field guides and biomonitoring studies.

Husein Zorkot SPNL



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