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About Me

I’m a Lebanese lepidopterist, butterfly watcher, and conservationist, and have written A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Lebanon and the Middle EastButterfly Gardening in Lebanon, A Pictorial Guide to the Butterflies of Lebanon, Butterflies and Wildflowers of Lebanon Colouring Book, A Butterfly Beauty, A Pocket Guide to Lebanese Medicinal Plants, and A Guide to the Amphibians of Lebanon and the Middle East. I work as a field biologist, scientific researcher, and wildlife artist at the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) and I manage and direct Lebanon’s one and only Butterfly Garden & Pavilion, a sustainable wildlife garden. I also study plants and animals and I’m currently working on a number of nature field guides and biomonitoring studies.

Husein Zorkot SPNL



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