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Butterfly Products


Butterflies and Wildflowers of Lebanon Colouring Book is a fun, scientific, and educational colouring and activities book. Know your butterflies and host plants with each page!

Stimulating, Relaxing, and Engaging!

●25 Common Lebanese Butterflies

●Colourful Host Plants

●Aesthetic Colouring

●Matching Exercises


●Crossword Puzzle

Ecofriendly and Educational

For Children and Adults, of All Ages!

Hours of Colouring Fun!

ISBN 978995305053-9



A Butterfly Beauty is a colourful, ecofriendly children’s storybook on the vivid life cycle of Butterfly Beauty, a plain tiger butterfly.




ISBN 978995305054-6



Fun, Scientific, and Educational, Our Line of Ecofriendly Butterfly Products




A Pocket Guide to Lebanese Medicinal Plants is a handy, compact identification guide to the common medicinal plants of Lebanon, that includes:

●Medicinal Properties

●Edible Parts

●Culinary Uses


●Arabic Names

●Flowering Times

●Colour Drawings

Features full-colour illustrations and concise species descriptions that identify the primary medicinal herbs of field and farmland.

A Guide for All Ages!

ISBN 978995305055-3



Butterflies of Lebanon is the first poster showing the diversity of Lebanon’s butterfly fauna, 165 colourful species!



Making Your Own Butterfly Garden: A Startup Guide is a booklet describing the fun and knowhow of butterfly gardening.

“You can make your own fantastic butterfly garden, anywhere at home, on a balcony, patio, hedge, or a lawn. You can also modify the ordinary garden you have into an ecofriendly, sustainable butterfly garden. All you need are butterfly plants, water, sunshine, and shelter! As simple as that.”

Funded by MAVA, The Sigrid Rausing Trust, and LUSH.

Get your butterfly products today! These books are available from the SPNL website and HHI Park gift shops everywhere.




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