Rock grayling

Hipparchia alcyone alcyone

The commoner of the rock graylings with a wingspan of 46-60 mm, the dark brownish-black colouration, eyespots, and yellowish-white bands are unmistakable. The rock lives in a number of habitat types, such as thickets, evergreen woodland, forest clearings, and stony slopes. Host plants include grasses such as tall false-oat (Arrhenatherum elatius), velvet-grass (Holcus lanatus), bromes (Bromus spp.), and false-bromes (Brachypodium spp.). It flies late June through September, and is often seen perched on tree trunks and rocks, hence the name. This species is considered near threatened.


Attribution: José Martinez Huelves (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Jarek Bury

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