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African babul blue

Azanus jesous gamra

The commoner and larger of the babul blue butterflies with a wingspan of 18-28 mm, females are typically larger and a light bluish-brown while males are a pale lilac-blue. The African babul prefers drier habitats, such as coastal areas, river valleys, grasslands, stony hillsides, steppe, and semi-desert. Host plants are represented by members of the acacia family (Mimosaceae), as well as medicks (Medicago spp.). This migratory species flies March through August, the flight is active and close to the ground.


Attribution: J.M. Garg (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Dr. Raju Kasambe (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: J.M. Garg (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Svdmolen (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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