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Bath white

Pontia daplidice

One of the smaller white butterflies with a wingspan of 38-50 mm, females frequently larger, with characteristic black and grey wing markings and chequered yellowish-green blotches on the underside. There are several subspecies in the country. The Bath lives along the coast, in farmland, roadsides, fields, meadows, fallow, quarries, dry stony places, and semi-desert. Host plants are mainly members of the mustard family, such as hedge mustard (Sisymbrium officinale), sea rocket (Cakile maritima), flixweed (Descurainia sophia), blistercresses (Erysimum spp.), fibigias (Fibigia spp.), pennycresses (Thlaspi spp.), as well as white mignonette (Reseda alba). This migratory species flies from March through October in several broods, the flight is quick and often over longer distances.



Attribution: Sharp Photography (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Bernard DUPONT (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Juan Emilio (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Lars Falkdalen Lindahl (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: El Golli Mohamed (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

 Attribution: Husein Zorkot

 Attribution: Husein Zorkot

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