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Clouded Apollo

Parnassius mnemosyne

A larger Apollo with a wingspan of 52-70 mm and distinct white semitransparent wings. Three subspecies are found in the country. The clouded lives in a number of different habitats, but prefers scrub, damp or dry grassland, woodland, forest edges and clearings, meadows, stony hillsides, steppes, and the lower slopes of mountains. The host plant is a species of fumewort (Corydalis solida). This butterfly flies April through August, and is considered near threatened.



Attribution: Bohringer Friedrich (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Harald Supfle (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Algirdas (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Sharp Photography (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Zeynel Cebeci (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Zeynel Cebeci (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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