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Common winter damselfly – LEPIDOPTERA LIBANOTICA

Common winter damselfly

Sympecma fusca

A smaller damselfly with a body length of 34-39 mm and a hindwing length of 18-23 mm, tawny and light coppery-brown in colour, drabbier than other damselflies. Also called the “common winter damsel,” this damselfly lives in standing and brackish water with rich vegetation, such as ponds, lakes, marshes, and swamps. This species flies March through October, folding its wings together along one side of the abdomen while resting, and has a habit of whipping its abdomen up and down a few times when alighting.



Attribution: Luc Viator (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Charles J Sharp (Wikipedia Creative Commons)


Attribution: Hectonichus (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Aiwok (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: BERNARD DUPONT (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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