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Eastern rock grayling – LEPIDOPTERA LIBANOTICA

Eastern rock grayling

Hipparchia syriaca syriaca

A large rock grayling with a wingspan of 50-60 mm, resembles the commoner rock of which it was once considered a subspecies, the light-coloured band on the forewings of males are often obscured by dark colouration. The Eastern rock lives at higher altitudes, in oak and coniferous forests, scrub, thickets, meadows, wood clearings, and on stony slopes. Host plants include members of the grass family (Graminae), such as false-bromes (Brachypodium spp.) and velvet-grasses (Holcus spp.). It flies June through August, the flight is described as fast and powerful, the butterfly typically hiding from the heat on the shaded sides of tree trunks or camouflaged on the ground.


Attribution: Mehmetcelik80 (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Yusuf Metin Gültekin (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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