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Large tortoiseshell – LEPIDOPTERA LIBANOTICA

Large tortoiseshell

Nymphalis polychloros polychloros

The larger of the tortoiseshells with a wingspan of 70-75 mm, the colour of both males and the larger females is a dark orange with darker borders and numerous black, yellow, and blue crescent-shaped markings. The large can be found in many different types of habitat, such as farmland, gardens, roadsides, riversides, meadows, fields, and dry stony places, but prefers oak forests and wooded places. Host plants are numerous and include poplars (Populus spp.), willows (Salix spp.), hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), cherries (Prunus spp.), service-trees (Sorbus spp.), oaks (Quercus spp.), nettle-tree (Celtis australis), elms (Ulmus spp.), and cyclamens (Cyclamen spp.). This migratory species flies March through October.



Attribution: Algirdas (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Hectonichus (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Hectonichus (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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