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Peaty skipper

Gegenes nostrodamus nostrodamus

A skipper with a wingspan of 25-32 mm, resembles the pigmy but larger and lighter, of a dark brown colour with white spots in females, which are lighter; there are also fewer white spots on the undersides. Also called the “dingy” or “Mediterranean skipper,” the peaty lives in dry places, such as coastal dunes, gardens, low scrub, trails, dry riverbeds, thickets, stony slopes, and semi-desert. Host plants include reed (Phragmites australis), sugarcanes (Saccharum spp.), and cinquefoils (Potentilla spp.). It flies April through October, the flight is quick and close to the ground.


Attribution: gailhampshire (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Zeynel Cebeci (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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