Red-veined dropwing

Trithemis arteriosa

A small dragonfly with a body length of 32-38 mm and a hindwing length of 23-30 mm, the colour is red in males and yellowish-brown in females, the wing veins are red in males. Resembles the violet but with a more slender abdomen and a wedge-shaped black abdominal patch. This dragonfly prefers stagnant and slow-flowing water such as small streams, rivers, shallow lakes, canals, ditches, and marshes. The red-veined flies throughout the year, spending much of its time perched on the water’s edge, with its wings folded forward.



Attribution: Bernard DUPONT (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Ragnhild & Neil Crawford (Wikipedia Creative Commons)


Attribution: Sandy Rae (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Quartl (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Juan Emilio (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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