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Rock grayling

Hipparchia alcyone alcyone

The commoner of the rock graylings with a wingspan of 46-60 mm, the dark brownish-black colouration, eyespots, and yellowish-white bands are unmistakable. The rock lives in a number of habitat types, such as thickets, evergreen woodland, forest clearings, and stony slopes. Host plants include grasses such as tall false-oat (Arrhenatherum elatius), velvet-grass (Holcus lanatus), bromes (Bromus spp.), and false-bromes (Brachypodium spp.). It flies late June through September, and is often seen perched on tree trunks and rocks, hence the name. This species is considered near threatened, and is considered a synonym of Hipparchia hermione.



Attribution: José Martinez Huelves (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Jarek Bury

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