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Two-tailed pasha

Charaxes jasius jasius

A distinct large butterfly with a wingspan of 64-90 mm, females being much larger, the dark brown and orange-yellow colour, dentated hindwings, and short tails are unmistakable. Also called the “foxy emperor,” the two-tailed lives in a number of mainly dry habitats, including scrub, hillsides, maquis, shrubland, and oak forests. Host plants include strawberry-trees (Arbutus spp.), laurel (Laurus nobilis), peach (Prunus persica), orange (Citrus sinensis), hibiscus (Hibiscus spp.), tobacco-shrub (Nicotiana glauca), and buckthorns (Rhamnus spp.). It flies March through October in several broods, the flight is strong, fast, and gliding. This butterfly also feeds on rotting fruits like figs.



Attribution: Siga (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Hectonichus (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: John Trololo (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Acélan (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Sharp Photography (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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