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Wandering glider

Pantala flavescens

A larger golden-yellow dragonfly with a body length of 45-55 mm and a hindwing length of 38-42 mm, the reddish abdomen, golden yellow patch on the base of hindwings, apical brown spot at the hind border of wings in males, and very long and wide wings are diagnostic. Also called the “globe skimmer” or “globe wanderer,” the wandering glider prefers shallow temporary puddles, pools, and canals. This species flies June through September, and migrates in large swarms following seasonal monsoon rains.


Attribution: Shyamal (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Davidraju (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Jeganathan (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Charles J Sharp (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Vinayaraj (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Vengolis (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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