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Zeller’s skipper

Borbo borbonica zelleri

A skipper with a wingspan of 28-30 mm, females are frequently larger, and the colouration is light to dark brown with white dots on the forewings, which are characteristically pointed. Also called the “olive-haired swift,” the Zeller’s lives in dry habitats, along the coastline, in farmland, riversides, woodland, meadows, and grassland. Host plants include members of the grass family (Graminae) such as false-bromes (Brachypodium spp.), panic-grasses (Panicum spp.), fountain-grasses (Pennisetum spp.), sugarcanes (Saccharum spp.), and Aleppo sorghum (Sorghum halepense). It flies all throughout the year and is migratory, the flight fast and close to the ground.


Attribution: gailhampshire (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Sharp Photography (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

Attribution: Rafael Cerpa (Wikipedia Creative Commons)

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